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College of Complexes
For a presentation on / discussion of topics of a more general nature, attend a meeting of the weekly free speech forum on social issues and current events, the College of Complexes, "The Playground for People Who Think," every Saturday evening at 6:00 PM, at the Hilltop Restaurant, 2800 W, Foster (at California).
Information (312) 842-5036
Can't attend the dialogue? Then how about attending a sporadic meeting of the 
Urgent Philosophical
Supper Club - Philosopher of the Month
Information:  Prof. Bob Lichtenbert
(773) 481-0544 or
All meetings are normally held on the 4th Friday of each month
email me
email me
There has been a general division of the ranks among the CC regulars concerning the exisitence of "intangibles." Please review these, and arrive at your own determination if the threshold has been made, and whether these merit further discussion.
Art and Life Group
Events in Progress:

Invitation and Information for
Chicago Seekers
Association for the Development of Philosophy Teaching ADOPT
Dues  for membership and journal for full-time  employees are $15, for all others only $5 for  this  year.  Please send to a check, made payable to "ADOPT" to Prof. Bob Lichtenbert at  5307 W. Nelson, Chicago  60641.   
"Association  for  the  Development  of  
Philosophy  Teaching"
The Chicago Colloquium
a philosophy discussion group open to the public will hold its next I-Thou dialogue on
Meeting has been changed to "Philosopher of the Month" to be held at Mather's on Higgins (7134 W. Higgins near JFK exit at Harlem) to discuss each month a major figure in the history of philosophy.  Please check coordinator for dates and times.

2013 ADOPT Dues of $15/$5
Are Due
2013 ADOPT Dues of $15/$5
Are Due
ADOPT  Conference  and  Panel  
ADOPT  is now soliciting suggestions for a conference theme for the next conference and  its session at the convention of the Central Division of the American
Philosophical  Association in the Palmer House Hilton.

Please submit to me the title of your talk for the fall ADOPT conference on ecological ethics (date and location to be determined later).

7:00 PM, Friday, September 26th
 "Anxiety and the Lack of Meaning" 
  This Dialogue will explain why almost all of us often feel 
 uneasy and how to overcome this feeling.
  Please prepare a brief statement on how the lack 
 of meaning in​ your own life often makes you feel anxious 
and your view of anxiety in general.  

Hilltop Restaurant
2800 W. Foster (at California)